Kickstarter says GO

We just got the thumbs-up from Kickstarter. Our campaign will be launching very soon. Stay tuned!

Go time!
11:07:06 AM - piecomco


The Kapsule Lightstand Is Here

We're very pleased to announce, finally, that the prototype for the Kapsule Lightstand has been completed. It's been a rather long road, but I think that the results are well worth it.

For those of you that haven't seen it before, the Kapsule is a pretty exciting addition to your Kindle Keyboard. It provides a nicely sculpted grip for long reading sessions. It has an integrated kickstand that works in either portrait or landscape mode, and fits nicely on airline seat-back trays.

But the very best feature is the light. It never needs batteries, happily using the one that's built into the Kindle. It uses less than half the juice of Amazon's lighted portfolio cover, and it just works better than any other Kindle light that we've come across (and we've tested quite a few). Lighting quality is even and natural, thanks to the high-quality Cree LED. And unlike other reading lights, the brightness never dims. We're using a highly efficient power-regulation IC that keeps the power constant and optimal for the LED. That also ensures that we the Kapsule won't drain your battery when not in use.

We think that Kindle users are going to love it, and we can't wait to get it into production.

Kapsule Front View Kapsule Rear View Kapsule Side View


05:21:07 PM - Pieco


Logan Circuit Boards

Our final circuit boards arrived today. They happily powered up after we got the components on them. We have mastered the dark art of toaster oven surface mount.

It always feels good to get it right the first time!

Logan motherboard variants and daughterboard
02:45:00 PM - Pieco