Best PCB Yet

I'm really pleased how this design came out, although I can't say much about it - this was for a consulting engagement. Might be the smallest board I've done - about 20x30mm. The latest DipTrace has nice rendering capability.

top bottom
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PCB 101 Class at MakeSimply

I'm really excited about that latest class that I'm teaching. Hosted by the fine folks at MakeSimply, it's an introduction to the Printed Circuit Board. Details here, and a few preview slides below.

MakeSimplyPCB_101A.png MakeSimplyPCB_101B.png MakeSimplyPCB_101C.png MakeSimplyPCB_101D.png MakeSimplyPCB_101E.png MakeSimplyPCB_101F.png
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Chip Amp Proto Stuffs

We're busy working on our next big thing, and we're playing with some chips. We love breadboard adapters, but we couldn't find any for these formats, so we've made our own. And we're releasing the files so that you can, too.

20120604-pentawatt_front.png Pentawatt Clipwatt15 Clipwatt15


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Kickstarter Campaign for the Kapsule is a GO

The Kapsule Lightstand Campaign has been launched!

Update: we're getting some nice mentions at a couple of blogs:


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Kickstarter says GO

We just got the thumbs-up from Kickstarter. Our campaign will be launching very soon. Stay tuned!

Go time!
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Logan Circuit Boards

Our final circuit boards arrived today. They happily powered up after we got the components on them. We have mastered the dark art of toaster oven surface mount.

It always feels good to get it right the first time!

Logan motherboard variants and daughterboard
02:45:00 PM - Pieco


Trying new chips

The nice thing about working with electronics is that many vendors are very happy to send you a fee sample of their stuff. So we get to put various components through their paces.

The problem is that it can take a lot of effort to do that. Especially if the boss forgets to order a breadboard adapter for the sample chip. Then the boss has to wire it up by hand. And that just sucks, but in a fun way.

This was no fun at all.
03:25:00 PM - Pieco


The Logan is Designed

We've finished the design of what will hopefully be our last prototype for our upcoming Kindle light. Since the previous prototype got branded after an apocalyptic movie series, we figured that we'd keep things in the same vein. Since it's a bit more refined, we've moved up bad-outcome-for-society food chain to something dystopian.

At any rate, we're thrilled to present our design called "Logan's Run", or Logan for short.

Logan's Run
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"Mad Max" showed us that the design needs some refinement. But since we received some prototype boards for this design, we decided to do a quick follow up to Max. We're calling it "Thunderdome".

We did our first attempt at homebrew surface mount, and it went quite well. But since we now know that the Max series is a dead evolutionary branch, we just glued the new circuit board on the outside and moved on. But we also learned a few more things in the process.

Thunderdome Thunderdome Thunderdome Thunderdome


03:31:00 PM - Pieco


Mad Max

We have our first working prototype. It's been nicknamed "Mad Max" because, well, it's kind of self-descriptive.

Not only is the circuitry about as ugly as it gets, but there was just no way it was going to fit inside the proto case.

Jonathan took it with him on a trip, and his fellow passengers gave him many a sideward glance. TSA didn't notice it. Thankfully.

Mad Max Mad Max Mad Max

But the good news? It works great! It feels good, the light is even, and the retractable gooseneck mechanism works really, really well.
03:57:00 PM - Pieco