Surface Mount Summer

We've added a lot to our Tindie.com store - everything that you need to prototype SMT PCBs. And our best-selling Paste Press is on sale all summer - use code 4267E5F at checkout for $7.50 off. Some of the goodies that we have, below - and a whole lot more.

Syringe Housings 25GA Precise Dispensing Needles ChipQuik Solder Paste
11:19:00 PM - piecomco


Pieco Introduces the Paste Press

We're super excited to introduce the Pieco Paste Press, exclusively at Tindie.If you've ever had issues with applying solder paste during prototyping, this tool is for you. There's simply no better or faster way to precisely paste up small pads!

Paste Press Paste Press
08:48:00 PM - piecomco