Chip Amp Proto Stuffs

We're busy working on our next big thing, and we're playing with some chips. We love breadboard adapters, but we couldn't find any for these formats, so we've made our own. And we're releasing the files so that you can, too.

20120604-pentawatt_front.png Pentawatt Clipwatt15 Clipwatt15

We're considering making a store for these, but in the meantime, here's the Gerber files if you'd like to make your own. We recommend OSH Park. Note that although we made the boards for specific chips, they work great for any generic Pentwatt (aka TO-220/5) and Clipwatt15 packages.

Clipwatt Adapter

Pieco is releasing these files under the The TAPR NCL.
posted at 15:20:43 on 06/04/12 by Pieco - Category: Pieco