About Pieco

My name is Jonathan Hirschman, and I founded Pieco in May, 2011.

After a long career working the softer side of technology, I decided to attempt to be what I always actually wanted to be: an inventor. Shortly after selling my last business, Relevant Evidence, I started researching how to write and illustrate a patent. And then I did. I'll let you know how that works out in a few years, when the USPTO either grants or denies my application.

The patenting process left me kind of cold, and it seemed that in today's fast-moving reality, that the best thing to do was to just make something, and then worry about the intellectual property issues at the end of the process. I started to look around for something to invent.

I had become something of an Amazon Kindle junkie, and I especially enjoy reading before bed. But there was a problem: there didn't seem to be any really good reading lights for the Amazon Kindle.

The problem? I had no idea how to even get started. I set to work learning what I had to learn, and then got to work learning that.

The Kapsule Lightstand for Kindle is the result.